Canlyniadau 2018

2018 Results

Competitions for children and young people aged 5 -11

Years 1 to 3
Solo Recitation Welsh/English.  Unawd Llefaru
1. Evan Jones
2.Rhys Spinks
3.Peronelle Hunt

Solo Voice /  Unawd Cerdd
1. Peronelle Hunt
2. Mia Morris
3. Isabelle Hunt

Group Folk Dance /  Dawnsio Gwerin
1.  Cantref Primary 1
2.  Ysgol Gymraeg Y Fenni
3.  Cantref Primary 2

Solo Recitation for Welsh Learners / Llefaru i Ddysgwyr
1. Jack Prosser
2. Josh Hall

Solo Piano
1. Peronelle Hunt

Years/Blynyddoedd. 4-6

Solo Recitation English/Welsh /  Unawd Llefaru Saesneg neu Cymraeg
1. Manon Higgins
2.Jo Jo Jones
3.Tansy Newsam

Solo Voice/  Unawd Cerdd
1. Amelia Prosser
2. Tansey Newsam
3. Gwennan Dickenson

Solo Piano.
1. Mia Parry
2. Erin Higgins

Group Folk Dance/Grŵp Dawnsio Gwerin
1. Ysgol Gymraeg Y Fenni
2. Cantref Primary

Reading at First Sight / Darllen ar Yr Olwg Gyntaf.
1. Erin Higgins
2.Miranda Newsam
3.Manon Higgins

Instrumental Solo/ Unawd Offerynnol
1. Ethan Stockham
2. Manon Higgins
3. Matthew Jones

Solo Recitation for Welsh Learners / Unawd Adrodd i Ddysgwyr Cymraeg
1. Mischa Harris
2. Isobel Hobbs
3. Matilda Wayte

Instrumental Ensemble/ Ensembl Offerynnol
1.Ensemble Y Fenni
2.Cerddorfa Ysgol Y Fenni.

Instrumental Duet/Trio. Deuawd/Triawd Offerynnol
1.Erin a Manon Higgins
2.Matilda Wayte and LillieRose Edmunds
3.Cross Ash Violin Group

Group Disco Dance / Grŵp Dawns Disco
1. Dawnswyr Dawnus
2. Cantref Dance Club
3. Dancing Divas

Choir  / Côr
1. Llantilio Pertholey Primary School
2. Cantref Primary School
3. Ysgol Gymraeg Y Fenni

Competitions for  young people aged 11 -18

Recitation Welsh Learner/Adrodd Cymraeg i Ddysgwyr

  1. Derryn Allen


Vocal Solo/Unawd Cerdd

  1.  Olivia Gibbs
  2.  Cara Anderson
  3.   Kai Fish


Instrumental Solo / Unawd Offerynnol

1.Camus Gordon Bruno

2.Rose Graham

3.Rafferty York


Recitation Monologue. /Unawd  Adrodd

  1. Kai Fish
  2. Rose Graham.
  3.  Catrin Hodder.


Reading at Fisrt Sight /Darllen ar Yr Olwg Gyntaf

  1.  Catrin Hodder
  2.  Kai Fish
  3.  Rose Graham

Solo Piano

  1. Lydia Morris.
  2. Rose Graham.
  3. Seren Howells.


AGE 11 to 18.


Free Dance / Dawns Rhydd

1.Olivia Gibbs


Story and Mime /  Stori a Meim

1.Grŵp Kai.

Instrumental or Vocal Ensemble. / Ensembl Offerynnol neu Lleisiol


  1.  Kai and Morgan Fish.
  2.  Cello Yn y Felin.
  3.  Isabel Greene And Isaac Smith.


Composition /Cyfansoddiad


  1. Ella Summers.
  2.  Jack Robinson.
  3.  Esther Bursdon.


Story Telling. /Adrodd Stori.


1.Rose Graham.


*Age /Oed. 11-18


Reading at First Sight./Darllen ar Yr Olwg Gyntaf.

  1.  Ffion Hodder.
  2.  Joan Higgins.


Instrumental Solo/. Unawd Offerynnol.

1.Megan Wood.

2.Millie Jones.

3.Georgina Belcher.


Piano Solo / Unawd Piano.

  1.  Bronwen Clatworthy
  2.  Ffion Hodder.


Vocal Solo/ Unawd Cerdd

1.Amelia Hughes.


Recitation Monologue/ Unawd Llefaru.

1.Ffion Hodder.

2.Rowena Smith.

3.Ioan Higgins.


Choir/. Côr

1.Nidus Choir.



1. 2. and 3. Marian Nute

This is the winning limerick.

We know a young cyclist ,called Dan
Who cycles whenever he can
Up the Tumble he could try
We know, at the top he will lie
And need, a cold drink from a can!

This year a special prize was awarded for the best poem in memory of Ceri Thomas who was passionate about her heritage and the Welsh language, and was also Chair of
Abergavenny Eisteddfod for many years. The Eisteddfod committee were delighted that Ceri’s daughters Elen and Ffion were at the concert to present a plaque in memory of their mother to the winning Welsh poem.

Cerdd / Poem

1. 2. Gaenor Watkins.

Stori /Story

1. Simon Jones
2. Jenny Evans

Limerig / Limerick

1. Jenny Jones
2. Carys Briddon