Adult Competitions – Literature

The Adult Literature Eisteddfod and Children’s Eisteddfod will be back next year, in 2023.

Literature competitions

The Abergavenny Eisteddfod is open to any competitors, wherever they live. There are literature competitions for Welsh and English speakers, and for Welsh learners.

Please see the entry form below for more details and lists of the competitions.

Dates and times

Closing date for entries:  23rd May 2020
Presentation of prizes: at Methodist Church, Castle Street, Abergavenny. 7 pm – 10.30, Saturday 13th June 2020

Announcing the winners

If your work has been placed, you will be advised in advance of the Eisteddfod on 13th June, so that if you wish you can come to the stage finals, which are in the form of a concert. During the concert, the winning literature entries will be revealed and the prizes awarded. If time allows, selected winning entries will be read out.

Winning entries may be printed in the press and/or the Eisteddfod website.


The first prize is £30; second is £20 and third is £10.

How to enter


Please fill in the online entry form or download a Word version, which includes details of the competitions and how to submit.
Abergavenny Eisteddfod 13th June 2020 – closing date 23rd May 2020
Entry form for literature competitions (English language & Welsh learners)



Short story

A short story with the title “A New Decade”

(No more than 1000 words.)



(Up to 20 lines)


A poem in the form of a limerick containing the word floods”



Entry level

Write a thank you note for a present.

(75 words)

Foundation level

Write a diary of a weekend away.

(150 words)

Intermediate level

Write a short piece about a Welsh language event for the community newspaper “Pobl y Fenni”. (

(300 words)

Advanced level

An article of local interest suitable to be published in the community newpaper “Pobl y Fenni”.

(1000 words)


The 2020 adjudicators are Eryl Sheers (English)  and Welsh to be arranged
Entry will be by Evening Concert Programme costing £5
Photographs will be taken and may be used for publicity purposes.

Further information

For any queries, please contact Rosemary Williams (01873 811814)