Art & Literature Competitions – Age 5-11

The Title for all the competitions is My Wales / Fy Nghymru.

Poetry. Yrs 3 to 6. (Up to 20 lines).
Fantasy Story. Yrs 3 to 6. (Up to 2x A4).

Painting. Yrs. 1 and 2. Yrs.3 and 4. Yrs. 5 and 6.
Up to Size A3. Unframed.

Ages as for Art.
Size: Up to 18cm/13cm.

Original photographs not computer prints please.

All winners receive prize money.

All entries to be taken to the Melville Theatre from Feb 28th. Closing date March 6th.

Please make sure that the name of school, competitor and school year is on the back of each piece of work.

Thank you very much for your continued support and look forward to receiving your entries.

Good luck. Pob lwc.